All in One Bed Set

When buying a new bed you have several options. You can buy as separate frame and then try to find a headboard to match, or you can go for an all in one set. Built in headboards are all the rage to seamlessly match the rest of the bed frame. Built in headboards can be plain or ornate, made of hardwood or padded with fabric, however you choose.
When shopping for beds with built in headboards, it is important to start out with measuring the size of your bedroom, including the dimensions where your bed will be set up, to ensure a proper fit. Then with measurements in hand, look at the selection of beds with built in headboards. If you don’t find anything pre-made that appeals to you, consider commissioning a custom bed frame with the built in headboard made exactly to order.
Built in headboards ensure that your bed furniture is perfectly matched and fitted for style and comfort.